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Organic and RIPE


We produce various berries: raspberries - red, black, yellow; blueberries - different taste, color, size; and black currant for its unique taste and vitamins.

All berries are heirloomed field farmed and are ORGANIC.

All berries are certified by us as RIPE HARVESTED at peak of ripeness as indicated by aroma and taste which attracts a lot of fauna. We STAMPED them with a date of harvest.

They are kept at near freezing from the field to the eating table and protected from light for retaining taste and vitamins. No waxing or radiation is used to extend natural life of berries.

Production and distribution is very labour extensive, but we are able to bring prices down that many of you will like them.

Unparallelled nutritional value of our berries bodes well for expecting mothers, growing fit kids, enriching women beauty, and invigorating seniors.


6e Concession Road
Shawville, QC

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