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Everything Apples and More!

  •  In 1947 Melville Hall, his wife Emily and their 19 year-old son Kyle moved from the city of Montreal, Quebec to a small farm east of Brockville, Ontario. Currently 120 acres in size, the farm was originally a mixed facility, but after several years of hard work, Kyle determined that specialization was the key to increased prosperity. So in 1955 he built a cold storage for apples and focused on growing apples while phasing out the other market garden crops and the animals. 

With Kyle and his wife Shirley at the helm, the farm grew significantly  throughout the 60's and 70's with Dominion Stores as the main customer. Concentration on the wholesale market through distribution direct to local grocery stores allowed the business to grow and prosper and Hall Orchards Limited became the largest supplier of  fresh apples in Eastern Ontario.  Kyle was the first in Eastern Ontario to build a low oxygen storage that allowed him to extend the selling season for his apples well into the spring.

Kyle's son Chris joined the family business in 1981 and they diversified to other chain stores including Steinbergs ,Loblaws and IGA, and they started to develop a retail market on the farm.  The construction of another 3 new low oxygen storage rooms with a new permea nitrogen generation system now allowed the Hall's to supply apples year round.

In 1997, Chris and his wife Kim bought the farm from Kyle and started to focus their efforts on the retail store, known as Hall's Apple Market. They introduced "pick-your-own" apple harvesting in 1998.  They continued their transition into retailing direct to consumers by travelling to Ottawa to sell at the new Ottawa Farmers Market at Lansdowne Park.  Chris, Kim, and their dedicated staff now attend over 10 different farmers markets in the Ottawa area including Carp, Kanata, Westboro, Main St. and Beechwood market every weekend from May to November.