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Apple Cider

Hall's "Fresh Pressed" Sweet Apple Cider has the refreshing crisp taste of biting into a fresh apple. We use only the hand picked apples off the tree (not windfalls) to make our pure juice but the major feature that distinguishes our cider is our experience in choosing & blending different varieties of fresh apples to achieve a premium quality taste. Our cider pressing schedule varies depending on demand but we press all year with the frequency of two to three times per week in the fall to once every two weeks during our slower season. Tuesday is our regular press day most of the year.
After inspecting & brush washing the apples we turn them into pumice, which is then pressed on our huge rack & cloth press. We feel this method of pressing apples enhances the cider by allowing the excellent characteristics of the apples to naturally release their quality taste and true appearance. Our cider looks darker & cloudier than canned apple juice because it has not been as finely filtered. This means more of the natural pectin?s & flavourful solids are still in the cider giving it a superior taste.

Our pure cider always requires refrigeration and has a code date of five (5) weeks. A small amount (less than 1/10 of 1%) of potassium sorbate is added to hold but not preserve the product (so it does not turn to vinegar). Sweet apple cider is naturally sweet and there is no added sugar.

Delicious cold, but when heat it up our cider becomes absolutely fantastic. Try it with our mulling spices! As a special treat, especially on a hot summer day, try freezing cider in a Dixie cup and adding a popsicle stick to make a tasty APPLESICLE.

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