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Barley Berries

Barley berries are the hulled seeds of the barley plant. Like other grains which retain bran, endosperm, and germ, barley berries are considered to be a whole grain. Whole grains are highly nutritious and especially high in fiber, making them popular in the diets of people who are concerned about their health. The berries are used in things like soups, granola bars, pilaf, and stuffings.


Barley omes in several forms, but choosing Against the Grain beta-glucan barley berries ensures that you are eating a whole grain with the most nutrients. Barley berries have a chewy texture, and can replace morning oatmeal. 


Use Against the Grain Barley Berries in place of Arborio rice for a whole grain risotto, or subsitute it for regular rice.


Chilled barley berries can make a great base for tossed salads - chopped vegetables, cheese, and a light dressing creates a well balanced meal. 


Cook up a big pot, and you can reheat throughout the week to make new and delicious meals of all sorts!