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Welcome to Dorothy's Ducks, and ... CHICKEN....My Favourite Farm

Welcome to Dorothy

Delicious free range, pastured CHICKEN is still available.  We raise them for at least twice as long as industry chicken, so that they develop the most flavour, and they are processed just before they get tough.  The Mistral Gris are a 4way cross of heritage chickens.  They have larger legs and smaller breasts, and a delicious full flavour.  The White Rocks are the standard meat chickens, but raised on pasture, free ranging, and eating Homestead Organics certified Organic Feed.  They, too, are raised for twice as long as industry birds.  They have larger breasts and smaller legs than the Mistral Gris, and have a chubby appearance.  They are truly delicious.  We offer a 10% discount for orders over &200.00. 


We are sold out  of Ducks, Geese, Turkeys and Goat meat until late summer 2017  

Dorothy's Ducks, My Favourite Farm raises Ducks and Geese, Chickens and Turkey, Goats and Lamb in Renfrew County in the Ottawa Valley 90 minutes from Ottawa. All the birds and animals free range all day on managed pasture fields and the only grain they eat is from Homestead Organics. On hot days they stay cool in the woods and their pasture is changed every day. They are really healthy in their outdoor life and so never need antibiotics or hormones. Dorothy's Ducks received a licence from CFO to raise and sell chicken at any venue from May 15, 2016 under the new Artisanal Chicken Program and is no longer restricted to "Farm Gate Sales", so expect to see Dorothy's Ducks, Geese and Chickens in stores, at farmer's markets and on line and legally advertised.

please visit: to see how our livestock is raised  


73 Schoolhouse Road,
Pembroke, Ontario

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